Hello there,

Thanks for dropping by. I call myself ‘Guardian Angel’, mostly because I couldn’t quickly find a cool name when I started this blog 😛

I decided to stay anonymous not because I am afraid to reveal my identity. If I revealed, it would attach some sort of preconceived notion in your mind about whatever I write here. I might reveal who I am eventually, or not. But the whole purpose of this blog is to spread the message to people that, many of the problems they face in life could be resolved or at least made peace with. That they have someone to relate to, like me. We are humans after all and making mistakes is inevitable. There is hope and there is a future for each of us, never think otherwise.

I will spread as much of love and positivity I have in me as possible. Hope this blog brings a lot of hope and positivity in your life. Feel free to interact with me in the comments section.

Guardian Angel