Late Night Musings

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What can late nights, home alone-ness, fun thinking sessions can bring? Lot of profound thoughts! I usually get these thoughts while I’m showering or driving or doing something where I cannot take a note of it. And these thoughts fade away like a distant dream that you struggle to remember when you wake up.

So here they are, some of my late night musings, in no particular order.


A restless soul always tries and succeeds to stir up the surroundings. Don’t become one. Try and avoid being near one.


Reading between the lines is an absolutely necessary quality that needs to be self-taught. Because you will realize the potential of multiple meanings to a line, rather than sticking to your perception.

No one is a saint, not even saints themselves. Everybody has traced a path behind them that they can’t ignore. And it will only be deemed as ignorance if nothing is learnt from the past.

You are your own best and worst critic. So self-pity and arrogance are the by-products if you are an extremist. Assess things as they are and evolve. Don’t find excuses not to, through those by-products.

Self-pity makes you believe that you are incapable of change. Arrogance makes you believe that you don’t need a change. Both equally vicious and poisonous.

You can easily forget something undesirable that has happened to you on a trip and move on. Why not in life? Isn’t life sort of a road trip? Why punish yourself on the cross for a thing forever?

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