Unexpected Ways Life Changes Us

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Life is no short of sailing on a boat, in an unknown endless sea. Doesn’t matter if you have a comfortable, big ship for yourself or a small, bare crooked old boat. Of course, the ship appears (and is) sturdier to take on the harsh waves of the ocean. But to underestimate the strength of the small boat would be a mistake. Neither the ship nor the boat are fully aware of where they are headed to. They aim to hit an island that would satiate the thirst they have called as ambitions. But soon enough, the island wouldn’t suffice anymore and they will launch into the endless journey yet again, in search of more.

Why am I talking about all these? Because, life teaches things that school books fail to. Here are some of the unexpected ways life changes us.

PS: This may be a bit too philosophical/thoughtful, but since the whole blog is based on that, I hope you won’t mind.


1. Gaining strength in inexplicable ways

Strength, as I put it in the previous post of mine, is relative to each person. Everybody begins at their lowest but gradually gains more and more strength enough to bear any situation that life may throw at them. Every difficulty sure breaks someone, but when the person sees that he has no other option but to sail through the phase, he will surely do so. With strength comes the confidence of facing the world and every hurdle. This will matter the most during difficult times.

2. Starting to blind-trust less

This doesn’t mean that we will stop trusting altogether. It just means that we will only start trusting when we are sure about certain things. We will not dare trust another human being blindly, not because we are not capable, only because we do not want to be vulnerable.

3. Material possessions take a backseat

As someone rightly said, things fade away, memories don’t. Its the people and their memories that keep us warm in our death beds. The happiness from any material possession will be short-lived, but sure might take a long long time to perceive that. When people realize this, they try to invest in meaningful relationships rather than material possessions.

4. While inner-peace takes the front

When the goal at every step in life becomes the achievement of inner-peace, life will definitely be at ease. We then tend to focus on our inner happiness, things that make us happy. We will learn to give more but at the same time, expect less. The focus will slowly switch towards self-improvement than others’ judgement. This lesson is the mother of all, as it teaches us the ultimate way to lead a life.


How has life changed you? Have you ever felt the same way?


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