Walk Away From The Petty Minds

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The thing with the petty minds is, they take their own sweet time for improving, that too if they realize that there is a scope for improvement.

There are lots of other names for such minds, orthodox, backwarded, conventional, typical and so on. The conflict of a petty and a liberal mind is no less than a Big Bang but the only difference is there ain’t gonna be any Solar System coming out of it. Shame, right? There are other political names for such conflicts as well, such as left wing vs right wing etc. But the concept and the players in the conflict remain the same kind.

Yeah, coming back to the topic. Petty Minds (sounds like a fun name for a TV show, right?). These minds are so small that they cannot accommodate any other thoughts apart from their own. They usually don’t have values of their own. So switching opinions, sides and beliefs according to their comfort zone and profit is a pretty common sight. I do not value such people one ounce. That is probably the reason I might have come across too judgemental a lot of times.

If their minds are so small and narrow, what’s that have got to do with you? Ah, that’s the thing I wanna discuss. These people can fill your lives with too much negativity too soon. Judging your every move, never being happy with what you do, be it your friends, family, spouse, peers at work etc. They will never tolerate your liberal mind seeing surface let alone fly. They could seriously topple your whole life and make you feel so bad about it, about yourself that you will start to question everything. Even if you have been the most sane and strong person in your beliefs and mindset. And its not like you can win an argument with these minds, that is one thing I can confirm. Classic case of empty vessel proverb. They make most noise, so obviously your voice will be subdued, right? Then what’s the point of draining yourself in order to make them understand? Lot, lot easier said than done, I know. But we have to implement some solution to get away from the situation right? The exact solution is that. Precisely. Just 2 words.

Walk Away.

Walk away from those petty minds because ‘understanding’ is a pretty darn task for them on its own, so its a futile task to even try. Before walking away confront your opinions and feelings. You don’t have to be as rude as they are to you. But you can and you should confront your actual feelings to them. So that you at least create a possibility of ‘no walk all over’ situation for yourself next.

Surround yourself with good people, food, music, books and forms of entertainment. Watch movies and shows that bring out some sort of thought process in you or even a quick boost of positivity. Workout and follow a healthy diet. Focus on your health. They are totally worth the effort to make yourself feel better.

Again, its really difficult to implement all of these together. Take your time, focus on one thing at a given point of time. Like working out and eating healthy. Follow that until it becomes a habit for you. Motivate others to do the same. Learn more about new forms of workouts, like swimming, running, racket sports etc. The more you learn and keep yourself occupied, the less there would be to burden yourself about crap from others. Just focus on ONE thing. Just ONE. Once that is imbibed in you, probably after a couple of weeks, move on to other things that are of interest to you. Want to travel? or become a writer? or open a coaching center for kids? Your choice. Do not let give others or yourself time to ruin what you have.

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